Inspiration for a new beginning

Well hello there… This is me and here I am and gosh isn’t this strange..?!  I’m really not sure how to start this all off, so I thought I’d just share my most favourite poem.  It’s so very much a part of who I am and where I’ve got to – when I first came across it, it was like someone had stepped into my own being and drawn the very words that reside there right out of me:

The Rising – by Ian McCallum

One day /  your soul will call to you / with a holy rage. / “Rise up!” it will say…  / “Stand up inside your own skin.”  / Unmask your unlived life… / feast on your animal heart. / Unfasten your fist… / let loose the medicine in your own hand. / Show me the lines… / I will show you the spoor / of the ancestors. / Show me the creases… / I will show you / the way to water. / Show me the folds… / I will show you the furrows / for your healing. / “Look!” it will say… / the line of life has four paths – / one with a mirror / one with a mask, / one with a fist, / one with a heart. / One day, / your soul will call to you / with a holy rage.

My own soul shrieked and shouted at me for years until one day, whilst sitting in this very beautiful spot, I finally began to listen.