Me, me, me


This is me, on a beach, scrawling in the sand.

I love beaches.  In fact, I love all wild places, and I especially love mountains.  Sometimes I like to go to these places alone, and sometimes I like to share them with people that I love.

I enjoy moments and times that are light, bright, shiny and full of hope.  Moments that are so rich and bursting with potential that it feels as though things couldn’t possibly get any better.

And then there is the other side of life, the times when things don’t look quite so sparkly, when the dark edges creep further in and everything just feels that much harder.  Those times are so very difficult, and yet I’m finding there is always gold to be found under even the heaviest and darkest of stones.

So this blog is about me, some of the things I get up to (undoubtedly this will also include some of the wonderful people I share my life with) and it is a place to share my thoughts, my passions, my musings and my inspirations.

Join me, if you will, on my journey in and amongst the sacred and the silly…

3 thoughts on “Me, me, me

  1. Thank you, Caz, I like how you’ve acknowledged the ‘dark edges’ as well as the search for balance, both of which I think are fundamental to being human – if balance is akin to feeling safe. Maybe the darkness in this era is loneliness, self-doubt, lack of community, loss (I speak for myself, but these may be shared).

    And then, the third element, taking a risk, breaking out, moving forward, making an incision into that perfect cake which seems so awkward to do!, changing what is known (like you are here, writing – baring the soul!). Sloughing off a skin, once just right, now ready to – must – be shed.

    I’m finding analogy to the animal world very helpful at the moment, to connect me to my own spiritual path. I don’t know much about Jung and his archetypes, but finding archetypes in Nature is helping me counteract disconnection/loneliness. I mean, I’m one of eight children, and I’ve always loved wolves. Wonder why!

    And here you are, making a space to commune and connect. Thank you!


  2. Hi! Signed up and reading. If I can be of any assistance with coping with the dark edges (large, expanding, with some really hairy prospects in your – if not my – lifetime, and definitely in the lifetimes of T and K; but with real ground for sober hope and nil desperandum, nonetheless, and plenty good sources) then you know how to get hold of me. XxxX Rh.


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