Welsh wanderings…

Tom and I spent last week travelling around Wales, starting in the Brecon Beacons and making our way slowly northwards.  After our recent decision to move to Wales, we knew we needed to start THE SEARCH to find our new home.  And so it begins…  These are just a few of the places we stopped at, places that make my heart sing, places that make me slightly giddy with happiness and remind me of the power of nature in bringing everything back to the simple.


Llangrannog cliffs… third time I’ve visited here, third time it’s taken my breath away


Breakfast on Llangrannog beach.  Waking up doesn’t get much better than this…


Incredible beach art to marvel at on our way back after a cliff top walk.  Check out more of Marc Treanor’s work at http://www.sandcircles.co.uk – nothing less than awesome


Looking East over Llynnau Cregennen on our way to Cadair Idris and…


…looking West from the very same spot.


The beautiful and magnetic Cadair Idris itself, from the bottom…


…from the middle…


…and yep, from the top.


A view from the very VERY top, looking North and, as far as I’m concerned, over the whole wide world.


And lastly, one of my most favourite campsites in the whole world – Cae Du.  Here’s a wildling selkie Tom, emerging from the water after a sunset swim amongst dolphins and seals (not that he noticed, mind you – everyone back at the campsite did though thank you very much)

So if you’ve ever wondered what the small but incredibly beautiful land of Wales has to offer, here are just a few tiny things to tickle your taste buds.  And if you’ve never even visited, well shame on you quite frankly.

The mountains of Snowdonia are truly alive, no not with the sound of music, but with a power, majesty, and deep, earth-resounding wildness I have not experienced elsewhere.  I lost a big part of my heart to these mountains this year.  AND I know it is waiting for me there still, because whenever I return, I feel whole again, alive, inspired to create and surrender to what I know now in the depths of my soul, that this is a place where I can truly, madly, deeply BE.

As for THE SEARCH, well we saw plenty to inspire us, and at least one place that we both fell in love with, but… and… well… for now THE SEARCH goes on…

3 thoughts on “Welsh wanderings…

  1. Hello! You kept that one quiet!! 🙂

    Can I come live with you? Will work for my keep, promise 😉

    Sorry I’ve not followed up since the other week – this exhibition has consumed all of my available energy beyond normal work. I still want to come see you soon, before you move to Wales 🙂

    Love and hugs (and congrats on such a big decision – it instinctively feels right)




  2. Dach chi’n groeso i fyw yn ein Gwlad gogoneddus, cariad. Ond dysgwch ein iaith yn gyntaf, ti ac Twm, ac y merched. Mae hynna yn gwirionedd bwysig. Ac y dyddiau hwn, mae’n hawdd iawn i wneud, gan y dull newydd, ac hwyl mawr. Gwel “Say Something in Welsh”. Gwirionedd cwrs gwych! Byddwch chi yn siarad sgyrsiol Cymraeg yn hawdd yn tri mis, ac mae’n gwirionedd ddi-boen. Wedyn byddi di’n dysgwch mwy a mwy fel roced, dim ond sgyrsio efo bawb, hawdd peasy! Byddant yn eich bodd am hynna, a byddant yn derbyn chi yn llawer mwy hawdd. Hefyd, bod yn barod i gefnogi y Gweriniaeth Rhydd o Gymru, pan ddaw; yn fuan, yn debyg Rhydd Alban. Ac yna, byddwch chi yn groeso yn iawn yn wir. Rydych chi y math o bobl rydyn ni angen. Caru i bawb!

    Rh XXxx

    PS: See Google Translate! 🙂


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