Fire, fire, burning bright


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be 2cm tall?  Small enough that you could climb into and explore the deepest, hottest, brightest, reddest, most amazing parts of these fiery caverns?  Ok, so you’d obviously also need to be 100% heat resistant, but in this imaginary world, anything is possible.  This is something I think about every time I am around fire.

fire_dragonI LOVE fire.

It feeds my soul on a primal level, takes me to a place that is timeless, and allows me to connect in with all that has gone before like no other thing in life.  I don’t even have to close my eyes to feel the never-ending rows of ancestors circling round, bending low to absorb some of the life-giving heat that emanates out, warming their hands and nodding to each other in ageless recognition that all is still well with the world.  As long as we can sit and be around fire.


I am often at my most peaceful, most contented, and most present when I am sitting round a fire with friends.  Maybe we are celebrating the turning of the seasons once again, giving thanks for all that has been and welcoming in all that is to come.  Maybe we are putting the world to rights whilst simultaneously feeling the insignificance of ourselves under the endless array of stars and planets and satellites that continue to go round and round and round over our heads…  Or maybe we are toasting marshmallows, revelling with music, wine, whiskey and telling silly stories.  So many very fine reasons to gather together around a flaming heart.

And yet I do not do this enough in my life.  Why?  Why are there always more ‘important’ things to do?  Why, often, does it feel like such a huge effort to step outside, gather wood together, and simply light a fire?  Why, when I know that it nourishes my soul so much, do I not give myself this simple gift more often?


And so this is my journey…  To make more time for things that are so simple, yet so rich in gifts.  To nurture and nourish my soul, to feed and lift my spirit, to warm my feet, my hands, and my heart.  And to be with fire a whole lot more.

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